Private practice

You can book an appointment for visiting my private practice on In case of having problems with booking please contact me at
Address: 51/D Budakeszi út, Szépilona Lakópark, Budapest 1021. The first half hour of parking is free.

Please always make an appointment for visiting my private practice.

Private pediatrician practice with labor tests: 15 000 HUF

Private pediatrician practice

: 12 000 HUF

Follow-up: 6000 HUF

Vaccination: 6000 HUF

Rapid tests from only one drop of blood:

CRP test: 6000 HUF

Full blood count: 8000 HUF

Other rapid test

StrepA test: 6000 HUF

Stool blood test: 6000 HUF

Other examinations:

EKG examination: 6000 HUF
Spirometry: 12 000 HUF
Homeopathic consultation: 25 000 HUF
Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture: 25 000 HUF/hour